EMI Compounds for Auto Sensing Systems Literature

EMI Shielding AutomotiveInnovation Bulletin
  • Reduce part weight through metal replacement
  • Integral EMI Protection eliminates secondary coating processes
  • Consistent EMI shielding effectiveness up to 80 GHz
  • Increased design freedom with plastic material

Imagine being able to easily produce housings for automotive sensing systems using a material that incorporates EMI shielding properties into a ready-to-mold plastic compound… At RTP Company, we not only imagined them, we’ve made them a reality.

Protecting the sensitive components of vehicle sensing systems from EMI “noise” is critical to their proper operation and reliability.

Increasing deployment of these systems has automotive designers and engineers seeking material solutions that allow them to creatively integrate them into vehicle designs without increasing vehicle weight.

Injection moldable thermoplastics provide both design freedom and cost reduction. They offer engineers the ability to create complex parts, consolidate multiple components, and can quickly be produced in high volume. This eliminates costly secondary operations common in metal castings while significantly reducing part weight.

Incorporating conductive additives and metallic fibers imparts plastic compounds with EMI shielding capabilities. These EMI characteristics can be “tuned” to meet the design requirements of specific applications.

Unlike the difficult and labor intensive manufacturing processes associated with conductive coatings, EMI plastics provide an environmentally-friendly option where shielding properties are integrated into the part. This will cost-effectively maximize design flexibility, production speed, reliability, damage tolerance, part-to-part consistency, corrosion resistance, and recyclability.

Additionally, secondary properties for thermal management, EMI absorption, impact resistance, and structural reinforcement can be incorporated into the plastic matrix during compounding – allowing finished parts to be produced in a single-step injection molding manufacturing process.

EMI compounds for automotive sensing systems… another innovation from RTP Company.

For more details, download our Innovation Bulletin on EMI Compounds for Auto Sensing Systems or visit our interactive Automotive EMI Sensing Systems page

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