RTP Company has built a solid reputation as a global compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics. And over the past decade, we’ve added many products and services to provide even more for our customers.

How do we do it? We have a unique combination of resins, additives, compounds, equipment, locations, service, and most importantly… people! View the video below to get to know RTP Company and the people behind our plastic technology, which is used by some of the most famous brands around the world.

Introducing our Corporate Headquarters in Winona, Minnesota:
We’re a big organization, with the feel of a local small business! With more than 350 employees producing and supporting all RTP Company product lines, and over 375,000 square feet of manufacturing space, our Winona location is the company’s largest facility.

Our dedicated staff cares for your company and delivers personalized service and expertise. From made-to-order high tech custom compounds to off-the-shelf, unfilled resins, we’re here to help your business succeed!

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RTP Company… We’re plastics people!