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End-Use Case Study

In the mid-1960s, the development of a single LED telephone for trial by the Veterans Administration seemed a one-of-a-kind invention. Ed Prentke, rehabilitation engineer, teamed-up with student Barry Romich to create the device for use by veterans with communication difficulties.

The telephone worked, and subsequently, Prentke Romich Company of Wooster, OH was formed, specializing in speech output devices and environmental control.

These speech output devices bridge the gap for those who cannot speak or write,” says Larry Gigax, promotional materials coordinator for Prentke Romich Company. “Advances in computer technology have bolstered dramatic improvements in these types of products.”

The programmable devices can store hundreds of words, phrases or sentences which can be recalled at the touch of a button by the user. Features on certain models can include editing options, backlit displays, calculators and printer output.

These products are used in varied environments, requiring durable, yet attractive housings. Prentke Romich Company turned to RTP Company for critical color matching of exterior components. The housings are molded from a precolored RTP 300 Series (polycarbonate) specialty compound.

Lot-to-lot consistency, fully dispersed pigments and timely delivery are key to the selection of RTP Company as the compounder for the project, according to Prentke Romich Company.

The housings are molded under strict quality guidelines by Ferriot, Inc. of Akron, OH.