• Easy processability and excellent surface finish, even with high filler content
  • Low moisture absorption compared to PA 6 and PA 6/6


  • Highest specific gravity of the nylon family


Polyarylamide (PARA) is a high performance, semi-crystalline polymer. Like any other nylon, PARA can be reinforced with glass fibers, glass beads, and carbon fibers to improve mechanical and thermal performance. PARA can handle filler content (fiber and/or mineral) beyond 50wt%, and can be compounded with halogenated or non-halogenated flame retardants.

Highly filled PARA compounds have a low linear coefficent of thermal expansion (CTE), similar to metals. Their chemical resistance is similar to PA 6/6, but with a lower rate of moisture absorption. In addition, PARA compounds can maintain high rigidity from room temperatures to 280 °F.