Ultra Performance Structural Compounds

Ultra Performance Structural Compounds take advantage of RTP Company’s expertise in high temperature polymers and fiber reinforced materials to obtain elevated mechanical properties that lead the industry for fiber reinforced high temperature thermoplastics.

Mechanical performance combined with the thermal and chemical resistance attributes of PEEK, PPA, PPS, and PEI resins makes these compounds an ideal choice for applications that experience demanding usage environments in energy, industrial, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare markets.

UP sell sheet graph v2Employing short carbon fiber, short glass fiber, or very long glass fiber at loadings from 20 to 50% allows performance to be tailored to individual application requirements and make these products a competitive alternative to aluminum, zinc, and magnesium metals.

Across the board performance improvements in strength and stiffness provide added confidence and a higher design safety factor when replacing other materials. Additionally, lower densities make them a perfect choice for weight critical applications.

Ultra Performance Structural Compounds also provide the design freedoms and production advantages of an injection moldable material. They allow design optimization, part consolidation, and one-step production of net shapes that eliminates expensive and time-consuming secondary operations.

UP Performance Chart

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Specific Strength-Density

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For more information, download a PDF version of our Ultra Performance Innovation Bulletin. This PDF is also available in: Chinese, French, and German.

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