Our Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Compounds offer reliability and value in a wide range of applications where electromagnetic compatibility is required. Shielding provides protection for sensitive components from incoming EMI and/or prevents excessive emissions of EMI to other susceptible equipment.

Typically, EMI shielding compounds utilize stainless steel fiber or nickel-coated carbon fiber in a thermoplastic matrix to provide the necessary shielding. These compounds can also incorporate flame retardant additives, wear additives, reinforcements, and colorants in a single custom material solution to meet the requirements of your application.

Housings for radar boxes, GPS module enclosures, sensors, and cameras require EMI shielding to prevent signals from being mixed or interrupted. EMI Compounds can provide this protection and help to ensure the proper function of these sensitive components.


Electrically conductive or EMI absorbing PP, PA, PBT,PC/ABS

Key Characteristics

Consistent EMI shielding effectiveness up to 90+ dB

  • Integrated, molded-in shielding properties

  • Metal-to-plastic weight savings

  • Cost reduction

Typical Applications
  • Motors

  • Sensor and Camera housings

  • Control modules

  • Internal charging station parts requiring electrical current management

Property Comparison: EMI Shielding Compounds Shielding Effectiveness (SE) @ 2mm Thickness

* EMI Test Method: ASTM D4935

Technology A* Technology B*
High SE High SE
Ductile High Modulus
Unreinforced Fiber Reinforced
Technology C* Technology D*
Moderate SE Moderate SE
Ductile High Modulus
Unreinforced Fiber Reinforced

Technologies A-D are available in a wide variety of base polymers, such as PP, PBT, PA66, PC, ABS, and more.