From off-the-shelf resins to complex custom compounds, our TPEs provide unique benefits for electric and autonomous vehicles, including improved ergonomics, noise reduction, and superior sealing ability. Available in durometers ranging from 10 shore A to 65 shore D, they are commonly used in automotive parts such as seals, gaskets, air deflectors, handles, and grips. Our Nylabond™ and Polabond® materials are bondable to various substrates including Nylon, ABS, PC, PC/ABS and other engineering resins, while our high temperature TPV technology bonds well to nylon substrates for applications used in extreme environments.

Our NylabondTM nylon bondable TPVs can be overmolded to a rigid substrate to improve part integrity, eliminate the need for adhesives, and enhance grip performance for parts like gear knobs.


Nylabond™ Nylon Bondable TPV

Key Characteristics

55A to 85A Durometer

  • Sealing

  • Ergonomics

  • Flexibility

Typical Applications
  • Seals

  • Air deflector

  • Miscellaneous