Our Wear and Friction Resistant compounds solve a number of issues, including noise, abrasion, friction, and scratching/marring. Noise is particularly important in the case of electric and autonomous vehicles, since the expectation is a quiet cabin. Molded parts made from our wear and friction resistant compounds can be internally lubricated and provide noise reduction between mated or sliding parts. In addition, they provide protection from scratching and marring of surfaces, as well as excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance for handles, latches, gears, bushings, and more.

Our wear and friction resistant compounds can reduce noise, provide scratch protection, and extend the service life of parts like vehicle door handles.


Internally lubricated compounds; PTFE, Graphite, Moly, Silicone

Key Characteristics

Reduce wear and friction

  • Eliminate grease and squeaks

  • Extend product life

Typical Applications
  • Latches

  • Gears and bushings

  • Seals and gaskets