Nylabond™ 7091

RTP Company Technical Brief - Nylabond 7091

RTP Company Technical Brief

Technical Brief
  • Designed to withstand long-term exposure to temperatures
  • Developed for easy thermoplastic processing
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

The Nylabond™ 7091 Series is far superior to conventional TPEs, polyamide elastomers, and copolyesters in applications that require exposure to automotive fluids. In fact, tests show that components made from Nylabond™ 7091 far outperform components made of silicone rubber and copolyester when exposed to oils and lubes at 150 °C/300 °F.

Nylabond™ 7091 can withstand long-term exposure to the most aggressive automotive fluids – engine oil, transmission fluid, and lubricating greases – for the life of the vehicle, even when those fluids are hot.

For more information, view our technical brief on Nylabond™ 7091…

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