Very Long Fiber Concentrate Literature

Long Fiber ConcentrateInnovation Bulletin
  • Concentrate of polypropylene with 60% very long glass fiber
  • Melt impregnated provides consistent properties and appearance
  • Reduce part cost compared to metal or engineered materials

Very long fiber (VLF) thermoplastics are the ideal material to replace metal in many applications because of its “stiff and tough” properties. Through the elimination of secondary finishing operations and part consolidation afforded by the injection molding process per part costs can be reduced.

VLF concentrate is a 60% by weight masterbatch of long glass fiber reinforcement that can be let-down during molding to obtain 20-40% loadings in finished parts. It is ideal for large volume applications without the complexity of direct in-line compounding.

Produced via a melt-impregnation manufacturing process that fully wets out the fiber and couples it with the resin which produces robust pellets offering superior physical properties.

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