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End-Use Case Study

  • ABS Compound Resists Corrosion

Vents installed in home foundations provide an exit path for radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that rises from the ground under a house. Traditional vents fabricated in metal often corrode and become difficult to open or close.

To remedy the situation, Rasner Building Products recently developed the new Raz Air® vent using an RTP Company precolored specialty compound. The vent’s design is similar to those found on antique coal-burning stoves; vents slide easily over a galvanized metal mesh screen with a simple flick of the finger. Independent tests comparing the new Raz Air; with standard foundation vents indicate the design offers less resistance, increasing air infiltration between 10% and 17%.

The RTP 600 UV Series ABS compound provides important corrosion and weather resistance. The resin is dimensionally stable and tough — even at low temperatures. The white color provides a neutral base for painting to match surrounding siding.

A growing trend is inserting vents directly into poured concrete foundations. Rasner Building Products is responding by offering a precolored gray vent to match the cement. “We went to RTP Company’s plant in Dayton, Nevada, where technicians had already developed some color samples for us to preview,” said Judy Hendrix, one of Raz Air’s inventors. “We found a perfect match right away.”

Jim Trisler at Tek-Molding Specialties, Inc., helped design the vent and built the molds. His top recommendation for a material supplier was RTP Company. “We work with RTP for 95% of our materials. Their technical support is just outstanding. They’ve come out to our shop and helped us work through many challenging jobs.”

Rasner Building Products is a family operated business in Carson City, Nevada. Their Raz-Air vent is currently distributed throughout northern Nevada, with plans for expansion to other markets. Tek-Molding Specialties, Inc., offers 65 years of combined experience in plastic injection molding, mold-making, mold design and part design.