Case Studies: ABS Applications

Adding the Touch

Aftermarket computer keyboard provides exceptional functionality and aesthetics From competitive gamers and serious writers to airport check-in staff and IT software engineers, heavy duty computerkeyboards with excellent mechanical touch are a must! Keyed Up Labs, a producer of third party … Continue reading

Button Switches

RTP Company precolored material plays a critical role in the lives of those with limited motor skills. Continue reading

Film Cartridge End Caps

Static buildup in the film processing industry is a constant problem. Dust particles attracted to film are one concern. Film jams and film-exposing sparks are others. Continue reading

Cable Tie Tool

HellermannTyton developed an innovative new cable tie tool that offered the ability to select the tension applied to the cable ties as they were being affixed. Continue reading


Imagine a sports mouthguard that not only protects teeth and reduces the risk of concussion, it inhibits microbes and makes a fashion statement while at the same time actually improving the wearer’s athletic performance! Continue reading

ESD-Protected Tray

Safely transporting highly sensitive devices to prevent damage from ESD requires specialized carriers that not only address ESD, but also satisfy additional performance requirements specific to the end-use application. Continue reading

Conductive Transport Box

A carbon fiber reinforced ABS material compounded by RTP Company provides conductive properties needed for a new substrate carrier box. Continue reading

Asthma Inhaler Chamber

For drug delivery devices, ensuring patients receive consistent dosages is essential to successful treatment. When delivered by aerosol inhalation inconsistent dosages can be problematic. Continue reading

Obstetric Vacuum Pump

Prism Enterprises LP, of San Antonio, TX, helped pioneer vacuum-assisted delivery systems that minimize the negative effects sometimes seen in forceps-assisted deliveries. Continue reading

Soap Dispenser

A soap dispenser molded by Inopak, Ltd. incorporates an RTP 600 Series ABS masterbatch containing Fluoroguard®. Continue reading

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