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End-Use Case Study

Industrial Seal Rings/GearsHigh performance Thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI) compounds are excellent for automotive under-the-hood, aerospace, consumer, industrial, business electronics and nuclear markets.

TPI provides excellent heat resistance, with a deflection temperature of 6300 degrees F (332 degrees C) for a reinforced product following proper annealing. Since TPI is a real thermoplastic, it is melt processable and injection moldable.

RTP 4200 Series compounds are inherently flame retardant and have other important properties.

  1. TPI provides good chemical resistance to most acids, alkalis and organic solvents.
  2. The material exhibits excellent strength and wear charactoristics at elevated temperatures.
  3. TPI is resistant to radiation and electron beams.

These compounds are available with the addition of glass fiber, carbon fiber, PTFE, other wear additives, and various other fillers and combinations.

Some common applications using TPI compounds include air intake impellers, fuel intake valves, valve lifters, computer hard disk carriers, industrial seal rings, small engine crank shaft gears, pump components, conveyor chains and nuclear reactor piping seal rings.