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End-Use Case Study

  • Keeps Track of Important Assets

Motion Sensor EnclosureHave you ever wanted a guarantee that important items, documents or people wouldn’t get lost? With a little help from RTP Company, PhoneVision, from Precision Tracking of San Antonio, Texas has turned that possibility into reality.

A sophisticated, patented system designed to track objects or people through time, Phone Vision can be used in factories, warehouses, hospitals or offices

The object, or person to be tracked, is tagged with TelTag, a wireless, infrared device within a Plexiglas® DR housing. TelTag transmits its location and unique identification code to mounted sensors. Information travels across the network and results in an exact picture of the object’s or person’s location. Not only does PhoneVision allow you to focus on precise locations, it allows you to track movement over time as well.

PhoneVision may well be the wave of the future. Imagine a hospital tracking patients or newborns with TelTag, guaranteeing knowledge of their whereabouts at all times. Even tracking physicians and other key personnel has its benefits. By simply dialing an extension number, PhoneVision will locate the telephone nearest the person being tracked so important calls can be rerouted.

Considering TelTag’s unusual features, RTP Company needed to meet very specific requirements for this unique application. The enclosure needs to be 95% transmissive to 880 nanometers in order to transmit infrared light (above 700 nanometers). A critical color match is also needed to achieve 99.9% opacity to visible light (400-700 nanometers). Other requirements include high impact and environmental resistance. A Plexiglas DR resin precolored with a dark color tint meets these requirements.

The molder is Aire Plastics of La Vernia, Texas.