Ultra Wear for High Temperature, High PV Applications

  • Excellent wear performance at very high loads
  • Excellent friction performance at very high speeds
  • High performance at elevated ambient and interface temperatures

Imagine injection moldable compounds that perform under the extreme conditions of high temperature, high loads, and high speeds that advanced applications demand. At RTP Company, we not only imagined them, we’ve made them a reality.

Previously, thermoplastics were not thought capable of meeting the high PV and temperature requirements of demanding applications. This belief led manufacturers to use costly alternatives that need to be machined from stock shapes or require extensive annealing.

RTP Company’s injection moldable Ultra Wear and Friction Resistant compounds
(Ultra Wear) have been tested and shown to perform under demanding high PV and
temperature conditions.

By leveraging synergistic wear additive technologies combined with high temperature,
and chemically resistant, PEEK, PPA, and PPS resins, RTP Company’s Ultra
Wear products are exciting OEMs with a new class of materials they can deploy.
Industry leading comprehensive side-by-side testing against incumbent thermoset materials at PVs up to 100,000 and temperatures up to 400°F (205°C) has proven Ultra Wear compounds provide competitive wear and friction performance.

Download a print-friendly Ultra Wear Compounds innovation bulletin in PDF format.

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