Case Studies: Wear Applications

Twin Row Seed Opener

The Original Equipment Manufacturer of a Twin Row Seed Opener approached RTP Company with a complex part design that required extreme abrasion resistance. The part, which is designed to guide seeds to the outermost area of the wing for perfect … Continue reading

Chain Guides

Due to their proximity to motors and their exposure to heat from the engine, oils, and greases, chain guides require an extremely durable material with a high heat deflection temperature. When a manufacturer inquired about a thermoplastic compound that could … Continue reading

Cable Conveyor

When a molder and a food manufacturer needed help to reduce abrasion and noise in cable conveyor system, RTP Company found not just one, but two solutions! The materials needed to be molded directly around a cable and fit tightly … Continue reading

Sled Runners

RTP Company was asked to provide material recommendations for an after market, add-on sled runner kit. The purpose of the runners were to extend the life of a sled by providing abrasion resistance. Originally created from machined strips of neat … Continue reading

Drawer Bumper

Knape & Vogt in Grand Rapids, Michigan, manufactures quality drawer slides for home/kitchen cabinetry, office furniture and files, institutional furniture, and other applications. Continue reading

Archery Cable Guide

The sport of archery is nearly as old as man himself and since the first ancient strung an arrow, archers have continuously looked for new technology to improve their aim. Continue reading

Humidifier for Sleep Disorders

While not patients, TAGA Medical Technologies, Inc. spent some sleepless nights themselves, searching for an answer to their customers’ appeals for a product both effective and practical in the treatment of OSA. Continue reading

Blood Glucose Meter

The revolutionary Glucometer Esprit from Bayer Diagnostics helps people with diabetes check their blood sugar level quickly and conveniently. Continue reading

Kidney Dialysis Connector

Althin Medical in Milwaukie, OR came to RTP Company for a wear resistant, precolored compound for use in face plate connectors on a kidney dialysis machine. Continue reading

Gears in Tooth Polishing Device

A precolored, glass filled and lubricated RTP 200 Series nylon 6/6 is used for the dental tool’s bevel gears. Continue reading

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