Button Switches

End-Use Case Study
  • Switches Highlight Precolored Compounds

Button SwitchesRTP Company precolored material plays a critical role in the lives of those with limited motor skills. Table top switches, patented by AbleNet of Minneapolis, allow for easy operation of small appliances, lighting, audiovisual equipment and games.

 The switch “buttons” and housing showcase the RTP Company material in several colors. ABS was chosen for its durability. AbleNet offers the switches in two sizes based on individual needs. The switches can be mounted on tabletops or on control panels for multiple applications. The switches are manufactured under strict quality standards by Minnesota Wire and Cable Company, which is headquartered in ST. Paul, MN.

 MWCC is a vertically intergrated manufacturer of various electronic components, cables, wire and other molded and extruded products. The company has an affiliate plant in Eau Claire, WI.


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