Our Very Long Fiber (VLF) Compounds achieve the highest impact performance when compared with reinforced thermoplastic materials in the industry. They are made using a proprietary pultrusion process to create long pellets (11mm) with long fibers inside – the same length as the pellet. When molded, they create an internal skeleton of these fibers which significantly increases impact resistance while also improving strength and stiffness.

VLF compounds are the go-to technology for metal replacement, making them a top choice for automotive and industrial applications because they:

  • have high resistance to impact compared to other reinforcing fibers
  • are a lightweight and functional alternative to metal or die cast
  • maintain performance at extreme high and low temperatures
  • may improve dimensional accuracy and improve warpage over Short Glass Fiber Compounds

Our VLF Compounds come in a number of resin systems, including an extensive offering of Polypropylene materials that can be efficiently injection molded into complex shapes while eliminating expensive finishing costs.

Very Long Fiber (VLF) Compounds

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Learn more about RTP Company’s Very Long Glass Fiber (VLF) Compounds technology and how it can significantly improve impact resistance without sacrificing strength and stiffness.

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