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Cable ConveyorWhen a molder and a food manufacturer needed help to reduce abrasion and noise in cable conveyor system, RTP Company found not just one, but two solutions! The materials needed to be molded directly around a cable and fit tightly within an enclosed pipe, while resisting abrasion and significantly reducing the siren-like screech caused by the incumbent material.

RTP Company Solution
RTP Company engineers offered RTP 700 ABR and RTP 200 ABR, which were used to mold interchangeable conveyor cables, depending on whether the food being conveyed was hot or cold. Both materials could be injection molded and met FDA requirements, making them ideal choices for this application.

The benefits to the manufacturer included:

  • injection moldable
  • FDA compliant
  • increased design flexibility
  • improved consistency vs. machined parts
  • increased production capacity
  • reduced costs vs. compression molded or machined part