Case Studies: Energy Applications

The Means To The Ends

Thermoplastic clamp with overmolded tips delivers better safety Anywhere there are utility line workers repairing high voltage power lines, you’re likely to see insulated safety blankets. And anywhere you see insulated safety blankets, you’ll see plastic clamps—or “diaper pins” in … Continue reading

Easy to Handle: Handle-Tech Ltd.

Unique product made from innovative compound keeps workers safer Dale Gregg has been developing creative solutions to challenging business and industry problems for decades. When a friend explained how his son had crushed his hand while moving sections of heavy … Continue reading

Engineered Power

Compact, high density lithium-ion battery delivers reliable energy wherever it’s needed R.W. Beckett Corporation has been a leader in the HVAC industry for more than 75 years. In 2010, looking to diversify their business and seeing an opportunity to leverage … Continue reading

Compressor Valve Plate

A key element to meeting higher temperatures and speed performance expectations is a tough compressor valve plate with high thermal and dimensional stability. Continue reading

Wind Turbine Blades

Furnishing a reliable source for providing electricity to remote areas offers the potential to improve quality of life. To capture this opportunity Hunan ZKenergy Wind Power produced affordable units for off-grid locations. Continue reading

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