Case Studies: PP Applications

The Means To The Ends

Thermoplastic clamp with overmolded tips delivers better safety Anywhere there are utility line workers repairing high voltage power lines, you’re likely to see insulated safety blankets. And anywhere you see insulated safety blankets, you’ll see plastic clamps—or “diaper pins” in … Continue reading

Hello Yellow!

Superior water removal and eye-catching color help make the WaterBUG a winner for Wayne Water Systems When it comes to portable submersible utility pumps—devices that effectively remove standing water from undesired locations—Wayne Water Systems of Harrison, Ohio seems to have … Continue reading

Bucket List

In-demand features give aquaculture organizations a revolutionary improvement in assessment techniques-with a little help from polymer science. For the commercial aquaculture industry and researchers alike, arduous “hand-counting and clicking” has long been the standard for assessing marine organisms such as … Continue reading

Engineered Power

Compact, high density lithium-ion battery delivers reliable energy wherever it’s needed R.W. Beckett Corporation has been a leader in the HVAC industry for more than 75 years. In 2010, looking to diversify their business and seeing an opportunity to leverage … Continue reading

Reinventing the wheel

New geared wheelchair wheel system makes uphill travel easier and safer for chair-bound people A good wheelchair can be of tremendous benefit to a person otherwise unable to get around due to illness or injury. Most of us don’t realize … Continue reading

Superior Conduct

After 20 years, a company finds a high quality, reliable source for conductive plastic Zefon International, a manufacturer of medical products and air sampling equipment used for monitoring indoor environments, takes great pride in the quality of its products. In … Continue reading

Product Design Unites M&A Plastics, RTP Company

“We’ve been RTP Company customers since we started business,” says Willie Morales, Sr., founder of M&A Plastics, Inc. “They gave us the material we needed, when we needed it.” Morales came to the U.S. in 1954 from Mexico. He and … Continue reading

Real Estate Sign Frame

Yard signs made of metal show signs of corrosion, indicating that moisture has penetrated their protective coating and resulted in a rusted or blistered finish — not the best drive-up impression an agent could hope for. Continue reading

Axe Handle

Over the years there has been little innovation in the basic design of traditional wooden tool handles, furthering familiar problems such as broken handles and loose axe heads. Continue reading

Broom Handle

A broom handle requires strength and rigidity foremost, but in this instance, chemical and heat resistance were also necessary to withstand repeated cleaning. Continue reading

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