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Long Fiber and Wear Compounds Replace Metal in Digital Display Cart

Media StandWhen advanced plastics technology from RTP Company is applied to Ergotron’s motion technology, sharing a large digital display over multiple rooms becomes almost effortless. Ergotron’s new LX Large Display Cart provides affordable display solutions that instantly transform any room for comfortable large display viewing.

Although Ergotron, a leading digital display mounting manufacturer, has developed carts in the past, the new LX model takes their Constant Force lift-and-pivot motion technology to the next level. Long fiber reinforced and wear resistant thermoplastic compounds from RTP Company enable performance improvements at lower weights, while keeping the cart affordable for a wide range of end uses.

“Our LX Cart has extremely stylish looks, yet super rugged construction,” said John Erickson, Product Manager at Ergotron. “The breakthrough design is a result of intense engineering development made possible through the use of advanced plastic technologies, replacing many of the components that were previously metal.”

Ergotron’s patented Constant Force (CFTM) technology provides smooth, continuous motion that allows the digital display to be easily raised and lowered. An RTP 800 Series glass reinforced and PTFE lubricated acetal compound provides both high strength and wear resistance properties for this part. The strength attributes of the compound allows the cam to hold the load, while the wear resistance properties give it the ability to move with the springs and cable. This part also had unique molding characteristics, as the rotational support pin in the center of the cam is inserted into the part while it’s still hot, allowing for the shrinkage of the material to securely support and position the pin.

The pulleys that support the movement of the cable are made with an RTP 800 Series acetal with aramid and PTFE. This compound not only provides excellent wear resistance and low friction, but also reduces noise.

Previous Ergotron cart models had large, heavy die-cast parts for the support bases. Dramatic improvements were made by replacing the metal with an RTP 200 Series nylon 6/6 long glass fiber reinforced compound. The long fiber material gave Ergotron’s engineers freedom and flexibility to develop their ideal design while maintaining maximum structural and impact properties. The cart has an impressive 60-90lb. weight range for the VHD version and 90-130 lb. weight range for the UHD version. These weight ranges are possible due to the superior strength offered by the long fiber.

Media Stand 2The brackets that hold the glass shelves were also formulated with a long fiber compound. Tremendous engineering went into the brackets so they could be as thin as possible, while still maintaining the high strength properties of the long glass fiber.

To ensure the successful metal-to-plastic conversions of the long fiber structural parts, Ergotron utilized RTP Company’s Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) expertise. “RTP Company’s CAE Support Services were extremely helpful and provided valuable assistance during the design of these structural parts,” said Nigel Misso, Senior Design Engineer at Ergotron. “RTP Company’s CAE team was able to validate the performance by conducting mold flow analysis, ensuring the product’s success.”

With the new LX Cart, changing views is easily accomplished. And in the process, you may even change your view on the capabilities of long fiber and wear compounds from RTP Company.

A Global Approach to Molding Solutions

One of Ergotron’s most difficult challenges in meeting its cost objectives with the LX Cart was transferring the processing of the long fiber compounds to a molder in China. Here too, RTP Company was able to provide valuable assistance. An RTP Company sales engineer in China worked directly with the Chinese molding plant to assist in the start-up production of long fiber molding, a process that is relatively new in China. RTP Company provided crucial technical assistance from its new Suzhou, China facility to the Chinese molder.

“RTP Company greatly assisted in educating the molder in China to our long glass fiber formulations,” said Erickson. “The molder had never previously processed glass-filled products. RTP Company in essence turned a non-filled molder into a filled molder. While this was occurring, they were able to keep in constant communication with us regarding the status, which is normally very difficult when working on a new application that has been transferred to China.”

Ergotron provides digital display mounting solutions including wall and desk mount arms, desk stands, mobile carts, floor stands, pivots and vertical lifts. They are designed to enhance the viewing experience and improve productivity.

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