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End-Use Case Study

  • RTP 6002 Series TPEs outperform competition with better bondability and improved aesthetics

Golf Towel HolderFor Craig Holub, founder of Towel Tag™, a creative idea arose out of his frustration with some golf accessories. As an avid golfer, he often took issue with the inability to access his golf towel during play. Prior to the Towel Tag™, most equipment towels were secured to the golf bag by the means of a standard grommet and hook. This traditional attachment made it difficult to easily release the towel when required (for example as a player lifts and cleans their golf ball after reaching the green).

Holub decided to solve his towel problems by combining an accessible towel holder with a bag tag. The result is a highly attractive golf tag that provides golf clubs and corporate golf events with a functional membership/guest tag. Towel Tag™ also provides a temporary but secure storage device for golf towels, head covers and for layered clothing such as rain gear.

For Holub, to turn his aspiration into a successful business, the Towel Tag™ required the right combination of plastic materials, with the critical component being a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) mechanism that temporarily traps towels. Holub worked closely with George Swica at Jutland Plastic Solutions during material testing to determine which TPE would meet their requirements.

The TPE bond with the surrounding ABS ring was an essential element to the overall design, manufacturing and long-term performance of the product. Additionally, the TPE must be of the precise durometer to securely hold a towel until its release from the golf bag. They tested materials from the leading TPE manufacturers. “The original elastomer we tried was too rigid, the bond was sub-par, and we noticed flaws in the aesthetics,” commented Swica. “This was a definite refinement area, so we turned to RTP Company for an improved material.”

Towel Tag™ and Jutland Plastic Solutions selected an RTP 6002 Series TPE. The material far surpassed the competitor’s product. “It was very conducive to what we needed,” said Holub. “The bond is extraordinary, the appearance is heightened, it is extremely resilient and it does not break down, even at higher temperatures. The compound truly delivered a more durable and consistent product.”

Improvement in both bondability and processability set the RTP 6002 material apart. Other noticeable differences were the elimination of flow lines and an increased memory or resiliency. According to Swica, “RTP Company’s TPEs are unbeatable, performing 100% better than anything else we tried.”

Towel Tag™ found the right TPE material for their innovative product and has dramatically improved the process of storing and releasing golf towels. As far as improving your golf game, that’s a challenge we haven’t found a formula for yet.

Towel Tag™ utilizes “Pull-Thru Technology” to create an entirely new generation of functional bag tags. Without the use of grommets or hooks, these tags are ideal for temporary storage of golf towels, rain gear and layered clothing. For more information, visit

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