Case Studies: Sports & Recreation Applications

Sled Runners

RTP Company was asked to provide material recommendations for an after market, add-on sled runner kit. The purpose of the runners were to extend the life of a sled by providing abrasion resistance. Originally created from machined strips of neat … Continue reading

Anchor Man

With an innovative device that stops boats instantly, fish don’t stand a chance; and with an innovative polymer protecting the device’s sensitive electronics, water damage doesn’t, either. A few years back, fisherman John Oliverio was out on the Florida saltwater … Continue reading

Saving Water

New bicycle bottle cage helps keep water supply always safely at hand Whether amateur or professional, serious cyclists want the assurance of quick and easy access to their water bottle during a hard ride―for health as well as competitive reasons. … Continue reading

Plugged Into A Solution

Multi Property Compound Solves Impact Challenge Allowing Product Expansion Matt Smith, Vice President of Manufacturing for SmartPlug Systems, describes his family as “lifelong sailors,” and recalls being practically “raised onboard a boat.” So it wasn’t surprising that, as an adult, … Continue reading

Kayak Paddle

Werner Paddles line of paddles feature blades made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic that are intended to look as good as they perform. Continue reading

Knife Handles

Leatherman’s customers were very clear about what they wanted in an upcoming line of knives. They needed to be lightweight. They needed to be dent resistant. They needed to stand up to an array of chemicals from oils to insect repellent. Continue reading

Disc Golf Flyers

Disc golf’s popularity has rapidly grown over the last few decades to become a worldwide phenomenon, offering players an inexpensive and more accessible option to shooting an elusive hole-in-one. Continue reading

Tennis Racquet Inserts

For over 25 years the world’s top tennis players have called upon world-recognized tennis “guru” Warren Bosworth to customize their tennis racquets for optimum performance. Continue reading

Bicycle Suspension Controller

Cycling enthusiasts instantly recognize and respect the name SRAM. The company’s components—and more recently suspension systems—have set the standard for innovation and quality demanded by racing and off-road cyclists. Continue reading

Slot Machine Fascia Bar

Creating “the most entertaining products in the world” is no small feat. Yet, that is the mission of WMS Gaming as they manufacture and globally market casino gaming devices and systems. Continue reading

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