New Technology Review

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

  • Water Clear TPEs
    As the latest addition to the RTP 6000 Series of functional TPEs, this RTP 6035 product line features high clarity and exceptional bondability. Available in four hardness grades including 40, 50, 55, and 65 Shore A — and in FDA Grades. Property data can be found in the new TPE Product Selection Guide.


  • PermastatA Clearer PermaStat®
    This new addition to the PermaStat product line not only displays high clarity, it also has low odor. Acrylic based, it is part of the RTP 1800 Series. PermaStat® compounds feature permanent ESD protection.
  • Tribo-charge Resistant Compounds
    Tribo-charge Resistant Compounds contain a conductive structure within the plastic part that gives an “electrically uniform” surface with fewer hot spots and cold spots. These compounds both reduce residual voltage on the part surface and also the tendency to tribo-charge. Tribo-charging occurs when two electrically dissimilar material surfaces make contact and are separated — one surface loses electrons and becomes positively charged while the other surface gains those electrons and becomes negatively charged. Controlling tribo-charging is especially important in plastics packaging for electronic devices that may be sensitive to residual voltages as low as one to five volts.


  • Long Fiber PEEK
    New RTP 2200 Series Victrex® PEEK™ Long Fiber Compounds significantly improve impact strength when compared to conventional short fiber PEEK materials, making them ideal for metal replacement applications. Other expected benefits include improved long-term creep and better dimensional stability.


RTP Company Receives Emerging Technology Award

RTP Company received a Frost & Sullivan Award for its leadership in specialty plastic compounds. This award recognizes successful technology developments that are expected to bring significant contributions to their industries in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture. Noted were innovations in photoluminescent safety sheets, wet grip elastomers, long fiber compounds, and nanotube compounds.

Value Product Line Expansion

The initial Value Products offering of basic glass reinforced nylon 6 and nylon 6/6 products has been expanded to include industry standard glass reinforced polypropylene and talc filled polypropylene products. Also added are new glass reinforced grades of nylon and several new UL listed products. Value Products are carried in inventory and are available for immediate shipment.

PermaStat® is a registered trademark of RTP Company.
Victrex® is a registered trademark and PEEK™ is a trademark of Victrex plc.
Xtel® is a registered trademark of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP.

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