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End-Use Case Study

  • PEI with glass fiber provides excellent physical properties and dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance to cleaning fluids

Probe HousingPolyetherimide resin compounded with glass-fiber is the material choice for a newly designed probe housing on a medical monitor molded by Precision Interconnect of Portland, Oregon. The small, inch-long part provides physical protection for the electrical connectors within. The attributes of PEI (high strength, rigidity, dimensional stability and impact resistance) are critical in the application as is chemical resistance to cleaning fluids. A critical color match is required to match the color of the monitor. The housing is secured to the wires with overmolded, flexible Lomod®.

Precision Interconnect molded this part on a new Technoplas pulse injection molding machine which uses a high rate of injection speed with little cavity pressure. This machine proved successful in molding the thin wall (.013 in) probe housing, and doing so in 2/10 of a second in the injection cycle!