Case Studies: Medical Device Applications

Reinventing the wheel

New geared wheelchair wheel system makes uphill travel easier and safer for chair-bound people A good wheelchair can be of tremendous benefit to a person otherwise unable to get around due to illness or injury. Most of us don’t realize … Continue reading

Epidural Catheter

PyMPSA’s design & development department worked with PiSA on developing a new catheter for epidural anesthesia. The specs called for a biocompatible nylon material that was radiopaque. Continue reading

Trauma Ripper

Attaching to a standard trauma shears, it allows medical personnel to slice through clothing and equipment to access wounds, nearly instantly, just snip and “rip.” Continue reading

Surgery Drill Guide

Wright Medical Technology made plans to offer a disposable, pre-sterilized set of surgical tools for procedures. Problem was, one of the key instruments, a retrograde drill guide had never been made in a disposable plastic form before. Continue reading

Prosthetic Fingers

Technological and material advances have facilitated developments in prosthetics that have made artificial limbs stronger and easier to use, but no functional mechanical fingers had yet been developed. Continue reading

Microscope Housing

Engineers at Leica were searching for an external housing material that would meet their protective anti-static while being fully colorable and pass long-term UV stability testing. Continue reading

Asthma Inhaler Chamber

For drug delivery devices, ensuring patients receive consistent dosages is essential to successful treatment. When delivered by aerosol inhalation inconsistent dosages can be problematic. Continue reading

Color-Coded Feed Set Strap

When providing nutrition to critical care patients it’s imperative that feed set tubes be clearly marked to differentiate them from I.V. lines. Continue reading

MIS Surgical Tool

Novare Surgical has integrated its RealHand HD technology into a series of endo-laparoscopic instruments. Continue reading

Surgical Head Restraint System

Performance Plastics took on the challenge to convert the head restraint assembly from titanium to plastic. Continue reading

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