Metal Replacement

Metal Replacement

RTP Company has extensive expertise in formulating thermoplastic compounds that can replace common metals such as Steel, Zinc Alloy, and Aluminum; by doing so, part weight can be decreased by up to 80% while maintaining part performance and regulatory compliance, and decreasing overall system cost.

There are many advantages to using plastic parts and components over metal ones. In fact, plastic parts are often preferred to metal because they:

  • provide the opportunity to consolidate multiple parts, thereby saving on costs and assembly
  • can reduce the weight of the part
  • reduce costs by eliminating finishing, painting, and machining
  • can be produced quickly and economically
  • are corrosion resistant
  • provide vibration and sound dampening
  • can be molded in aesthetically pleasing colors

We offer support through a 7-Step process to ensure that your metal-to-plastic part conversion is a successful one!

 View our 7-Step Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Guide!

Metal-to-plastic conversion doesn’t have to be a difficult decision or drawn-out process! To learn more, request our 7-Step Metal-to Plastic Conversion Guide:

7-Step Metal-to-Plastic Guide

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