Proper Drying Critical During Humid Season

Material drying becomes more challenging during the humid summer months.

In spite of drying prior to shipping, specialty compounds are immediately vulnerable to moisture once the plastic liner in the package is opened. The development of hopper drying systems has simplified the drying process. However, this complex equipment can leave processors stumped when inadequate drying occurs.

Dehumidifying hopper dryers are the more common used in the industry. Two of the most common problems encountered involve clogged filters and sieve desiccants.

Drying filters on this equipment are equally critical to their operation. The filter should be inspected every 8 hours and replaced routinely to avoid drying and processing problems.

A sieve desiccant, which traps moisture molecules, must function properly. Plasticizers and resin fines can buildup on the desiccant causing the equipment to malfunction.

Additional information about proper drying techniques, including dew points and moisture percentages for various resin systems, is available by calling RTP Company Technical Service at 800-433-4787 or 507-454-6900.

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