RTP Company Announces New PFPE Modifier Compounds Offering Improved Wear Resistance

RTP Company, a global leader in specialty compounding, has developed wear resistant compounds with Perfluoropolyether Modifier (PFPE). PFPE is an innovative internal lubricant system that significantly improves the wear resistance of crystalline thermoplastics with a minimal increase in specific gravity. For the past 20 years, PFPE has been used as an external lubricant, primarily in aerospace and automotive applications.

Compounds with PFPE require very low (typically less than 1.0%) loading levels compared to compounds with PTFE. In some wear applications, acetal containing less than 1% PFPE performs similar to acetal with 15-20% PTFE. RTP Company currently offers PFPE compounds in acetal and nylon, with pending developments in other polymers as well.

PFPE compounds improve processing by enhancing melt flow, increasing throughput, and acting as a mold release. They eliminate plate-out associated with PTFE and improve fatigue resistance, especially in gears.

Typical applications include gears, bushings, seals, automotive weather stripping, airbag doors, and cleanroom applications. The modifier meets USP Plastics Class VI requirements and

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