Sensitive Medical Device Manufacturing Environments Demand PermaStat® Compounds

RTP Company’s complete line of PermaStat® Compounds offer permanent static dissipation properties that won’t migrate or bloom to the surface of the part. Because they are non-sloughing, these compounds are ideal for applications requiring either dust-free or static-free environments such as cleanrooms for medical product manufacturing.

PermaStat® Compounds feature a consistent surface resistivity of 1010 to 1011 ohms/square and are available in a wide range of resin systems, including polypropylene, nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, acrylic, and elastomers. Each is formulated to meet MIL-PRF-81705D static decay requirements.

The all-polymeric compounds are fully colorable and maintain the mechanical properties of the base resin to give designers greater flexibility in part design options.

In contrast to fragile surfactant coatings, PermaStat® Compounds eliminate expensive and time-consuming secondary steps. They function in all humidity levels and solve problems in applications where material movement, high humidity, or time removes other anti-static agents.

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