Specialty Compound Meets Seal, Mounting Clip Needs

Fasco Controls Corporation in Shelby, NC, needed a durable, yet flexible material for automotive switch housings.

The switches, used in all four-door 1996 Saturn vehicles, are inserted into vehicle door jams. When either front door is open, a switch is closed, activating passenger compartment lighting. When the door is closed, the switch is off.

Since the switch is exposed to varying temperatures, moisture levels, and physical demands, there are multiple material requirements.The specialty compound, a glass-reinforced co-polyether-ester thermoplastic elastomer, achieves an un-notched impact strength of No Break at 1/8- inch and flexural modulus of 0.06 x 106 psi.

The design of the injection-moldable switch eliminates the need for a separate mounting clip and seal, combining sealing and snap-in features into one component. This design saves money through reduced part cost and production time.

The switch housings snap into place, located behind the lower outside corner of the door. The glass reinforcement reduces the thermal expansion of the material, ensuring a tight fit.

The housings are molded under strict quality standards monitored by Fasco Controls.

Fasco Controls is a vertically integrated automotive supplier, with metal forming, plastic molding and wire-winding capabilities in-house.

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