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End-Use Case Study

Energetic Colors Match Quick Energy Return

Sport ShoesWhen RTP Company was asked to match 12 fashion colors for Reebok’s fall 1989 sports shoes, and to do so quickly, we did just that. The 12 colors, matched in color concentrate form, include brilliant fuchsia, citron and emerald. These hues “explode” visibility and color into Reebok’s Energy Return System (ERS) sports shoes for basketball, running, aerobics, tennis, and sports conditioning.

This innovative concept involves a series of resilient thermoplastic elastomer tubes in the shoe’s sole or heel (depending on the performance category) easing impact when the athlete’s foot strikes ground. By absorbing the impact the athlete’s energy is conserved and the chance of injury is reduced. The brightly colored tubes are encased in clear thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer.

RTP Company has been supplying plastics processors with state-of-the-art precolored resin matches since 1960. The product line also includes color concentrates and cube blends, produced to the same high standards.