Case Studies: TPU or TPUR Applications

Raising the “Steaks”!

New plastic innovation improves consumer safety in meat processing industry. Safari Belting Systems manufactures modular plastic conveyor systems that are used extensively by meat processors. According to President Chris Smith, customers often come to them with specialty product requests, but … Continue reading

Photoluminescent Material

Traditional overhead lighting, which often becomes obscured by smoke, is under scrutiny. During emergency evacuations, people need a clearly identified egress path. Continue reading

Tennis Racquet Inserts

For over 25 years the world’s top tennis players have called upon world-recognized tennis “guru” Warren Bosworth to customize their tennis racquets for optimum performance. Continue reading

Sport Shoes

When RTP Company was asked to match 12 fashion colors for Reebok’s fall 1989 sports shoes, and to do so quickly, we did just that. Continue reading

Prosthetic Fingers

Technological and material advances have facilitated developments in prosthetics that have made artificial limbs stronger and easier to use, but no functional mechanical fingers had yet been developed. Continue reading

Mini Remote Control

When The Chamberlain Group, Inc., designed the push buttons for its Lift Master Mini Remote — the world’s smallest and lightest garage door remote control — it needed a durable material that molded well over Cycoloy® ABS. Continue reading

Shifting Handle

When restyling the Lincoln Navigator’s gear shift, GHSP decided to incorporate a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) instead of PVC into the design. Continue reading

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