Bondable Thermoplastic Elastomer Literature

RTP Company Innovation Bulletin

RTP Company Innovation Bulletin

Innovation Bulletin
  • Bondable to a variety of rigid thermoplastic substrates
  • Diverse technologies perform in a wide range of applications
  • Designed to process via both insert and multi-shot molding
  • Custom formulas and colors can be developed around your specific needs

RTP Company’s bondable thermoplastic elastomer compounds are designed to perform to your stringent application criteria and provide a superior chemical bond to rigid substrates. With excellent bonding, these compounds also leverage the strengths of different base technologies to provide a wide range of in-use performance, allowing for coordinated development of both the flexible and rigid components of an application.

RTP Company can further enhance your bondable thermoplastic elastomer  compound by incorporating our market-leading array of structural, conductive, wear resistant, flame retardant, or color capabilities.

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