Recycled Post-Consumer Content Compounds

Post-Consumer RecycledInnovation Bulletin
  • Sustainable materials for eco-conscious applications
  • Complete portfolio of specialty compound enhancements
  • Engineered to your performance and marketing requirements

Increasing consumer demand for “green” products is leading designers to consider alternative materials that provide lifecycle sustainability. Post-consumer content (PCC) compounds utilize plastics recycled from solid waste streams that are upcycled by our engineering experts to meet the marketing objectives of environmentally-friendly applications without compromising performance.

PCC compounds can contain from 1 to 100% recycled plastic and be tailored to your precise specifications for a wide variety of enhancements such as reinforcement, flame retardant, static control, or lubrication. They are available in nylon, polycarbonate, PET, and alloys in addition to hybrid combinations with bioplastics for a completely “green” solution.

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