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End-Use Case Study

Ultrasonic CleanerAn RTP Company flame retardant and reinforced polypropylene compound admirably met the requirements for this beautiful housing redesign of Bransonic® Ultrasonic benchtop cleaner. Branson Ultrasonics Corporation, Danbury, Connecticut, pioneered ultrasonic cleaning 50 years ago and this new line incorporates 50 years of experience, research and customer suggestions.

During initial selection of material for the prototype housing, cracking and moldability problems occurred with competitive PC/ABS compounds. These problems and the resulting time delays brought together Branson, RTP Company and the molder, Pulsar Plastics Inc., Carlyle, Illinois.

As is so frequently the case, it was the resulting synergy of the whole group that enabled this application to succeed. With a recommended change in resin and fillers, the requirements for dimensional stability, flame retardancy, and environmental resistance were met. The cracking and processing problems were solved. The efficiency of the group made up for lost time in getting the project to market.

Bransonic cleaners are used in jewelry stores, medical and scientific labs, electronic component manufacturers and industrial production plants.