Case Studies: Appliance Applications

Portable Telemetry Device

Apogee’s telemetry products are used for testing bit error rates and data links on satellite displays and rocket launches. Continue reading

Airline Entertainment Appliance

IMS introduced the Personal Entertainment Appliance (PEA) to provide airline passengers with wireless, lightweight and easy access to a range of entertainment options. Continue reading

Computer Network Switching Device

F5 Networks, Inc. likes their products – the switching devices and balancers that help keep Internet servers efficiently running – to stay in the background. Continue reading

Alarm Housing

Three years ago, when engineers at Interlogix, Inc., read the newly-revised European regulations for home security systems, one thing was evident: They were nondescript. Continue reading

Appliance Connectors

Not long ago, field failure fires — caused by improper crimping — prompted the appliance industry to sit up and take notice. Continue reading

Bar Code Scanner

The Magellan SL® is engineered for durability, using a variety of flame-retardant and glass-bead reinforced specialty compounds from RTP Company. Continue reading

Augmentative Communicator

For the first time, individuals with speech, language, learning and physical disabilities can communicate in virtually any social or business situation through a lightweight, portable device. Continue reading

LP Gas Connector

When new standards were established for outdoor grill LP gas fittings, Marshall Brass investigated the use of engineered thermoplastics for a key component of the assembly. Continue reading

Ultrasonic Cleaner

An RTP Company flame retardant and reinforced polypropylene compound admirably met the requirements for this beautiful housing redesign of Bransonic® Ultrasonic benchtop cleaner. Continue reading

Coffee Grinder Receptacle

RTP Company and Bunn-o-matic of Springfield, Illinois are helping people wake up each morning with the smell of freshly ground coffee. Continue reading

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