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End-Use Case Study

  • Bright colors increase consumer appeal
  • Lubricated PC allows the cover to slide over and protect the display
  • Achieved critical color matches in dissimilar materials

Blood Glucose MeterThe revolutionary Glucometer Esprit from Bayer Diagnostics helps people with diabetes check their blood sugar level quickly and conveniently. The Esprit blood glucose meter analyzes a small blood sample and provides a diagnostic readout on the built-in LCD screen. When the device is not in use, a slimline cover glides smoothly back over the screen to protect it from damage.

The complex design features four unique compounds: two are RTP 300 Series glass reinforced polycarbonate lubricated with PTFE; one is an RTP 300 Series precolored polycarbonate, and one is an RTP 200 Series glass reinforced nylon 6/6 lubricated with PTFE.

Lubricity protects and extends the life of the moving components, while the dimensionally stable polycarbonate resin ensures steady part sizes. Danny Neff, General Manager of molder PEC Michigan, said, “The PC compounds are very predictable, with consistent shrink and virtually no postmold movement. RTP comes through with excellent service and short lead times.”

Bayer Diagnostics relies on RTP Company’s color specialists to ensure the compounds meet the targets and provide a seamless color match from part to part. “RTP Company offers tremendous flexibility coupled with short lead times,” said Kevin Keyser, Senior Manufacturing Engineer. “They understand how to achieve critical color matches in dissimilar compounds. This can be tricky because of the way various resins and additives impact a color’s appearance.”

The Glucometer Esprit is now being introduced in the European market. To increase consumer appeal, it is manufactured in popular neon colors with combinations of bright blue, green, and yellow.

Bayer Diagnostics (, headquartered in Tarrytown, NY, is one of the largest diagnostic businesses in the world. Bayer Diagnostics is a division of Bayer Corporation and a member of the worldwide Bayer Group, a $31 billion international life sciences, polymers and specialty chemicals group based in Leverkusen, Germany. Molder PEC Michigan is one of six divisions of Plastic Engineered Components, a custom injection molder specializing in industrial and white room molding. Contact them in Portage, Michigan, at 616-327-6788.