Cell Phone Gasket

End-Use Case Study
  • Conductive Compound Ideal For Gaskets, Seals

Cell Phone GasketRTP Company has developed a new material which provides electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding and is pliable enough to serve as a gasket or seal.

This injection-moldable compound is a styrenic-based thermoplastic elastomer featuring highly-conductive additives.

The product, originally developed to shield two parts of a cellular telephone from EMI/RFI, has potential uses throughout the business equipment and electronics industry.

The material achieves volume resistivity of 1.0 ohm-cm (max.) and surface resistivity of 100 ohms/sq (max.). The compound provides static decay of <2.0 seconds (MiL B-81705C).

These styrenic-based TPE compounds can be modified depending on specific requirements. Both electrical and physical properties are “adjustable” based on customer needs.

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