Case Studies: Electronics Applications

Handheld Breath Analyzer

Drunk driving offenders in many states now have a choice: Forfeit their license or test their breath alcohol content before and while driving with the LifeSafer™ Interlock device. Continue reading

ATEX Compliant Capacitive Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi has developed a new family of ATEX approved products by redesigning its Tripleshield® capacitive sensors. Continue reading

Lead-Free Soldering

This Molded Rotor component by Accumold meets the demanding high temperature requirements for lead-free soldering. Continue reading

Treadmill Guide & Key Cap Divider

Rapid Injection Molding provides a solution to this challenge. Rapid Injection Molding is a process that quickly turns out high quality products and is frequently referred to as the “bridge” between prototyping and conventional injection molding. Continue reading

Platable Connector

Well-versed in the chemistry and uses of plastics and metals, Tyco engineers are often called on for their expertise in using these materials to control conductivity and electronic noise in many of the electronic devices they design. Continue reading

Antenna Pod

For over 10 years Antenna Plus, LLC has been developing low profile antennas for use in two-way communication systems. The rugged design of their Millennium series of mobile antennas are ideal for demanding applications. Continue reading

Encapsulated Capacitor

In some cases, small jobs demand enormous responses. When Accumold of Ankeny, IA, took on the design of a new capacitor housing for a leading hearing aid manufacturer, they faced and met many challenges. Continue reading

Hand Held Scanner Housing

Elimination of “hot spots” or uneven surface charge distribution was a major issue that Hand Held Products faced when creating a new image scanner for clean room environments. Continue reading

Electronic Probe

When Pomona Electronics designed its digital Multimeter Probe that helps electrical and electronic technicians diagnose and troubleshoot circuitry and other test points, it called on engineers at RTP Company. Continue reading

Wafer Transport Trays

A new family of Static Dissipative Compounds improves reliability and saves time in manufacturing chip trays, packaging products, and consumer goods. Continue reading

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