Case Studies: SBC or TES Applications

Hand Knobs

Rogan Corporation of Northbrook, IL, has a pretty good handle on their business. In fact, this two-shot injection molder has a handle on all sorts of businesses. Continue reading

Pipe Clamp/Bracket

Water flowing through pipes can be an annoying source of noise, Sioux Chief Manufacturing developed a series of universal pipe clamps with noise absorbing blocks. Continue reading

Bumper Guards

Manufacturers and shippers around the world rely on the growing family of Mettler-Toledo scales. Continue reading

Cell Phone Gasket

RTP Company has developed a new material which provides electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding and is pliable enough to serve as a gasket or seal. Continue reading

Mobile Phone Wraps

Times Square — where spectacular signs are landmarks onto themselves. Extravagant visual effects on gigantic billboards are vital in creating the dazzling landscape of New York City’s most popular locale. Continue reading

Pool Vacuum Hose Weights

Vacuuming the deep end of an in-ground pool can be difficult, especially when the naturally-buoyant hoses lift the vacuum head off the bottom. Hoffinger Industries in West Helena, Arkansas, solves that problem by attaching heavy, flexible donuts at the junction of each hose section. Continue reading

Hair Remover

When Calor, S.A. in Lyon, France, set out to reduce the noise and vibration in its Expertise Delicate “epilateur” (hair remover), it turned to RTP Company’s Beaune, France, plant. Two specialty compounds meet these requirements and reduce production costs Continue reading

Water Pitcher

Families are increasingly concerned about contaminants in tap water. This concern has created a growing market for water-filtering products. Continue reading

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