Case Studies: EMI/RFI Shielding Applications

Optical Encoder

High performance optical encoders convert mechanical rotary motion in motors, shafts, and conveyors into electrical signals that are monitored by computers. Continue reading

Microcell Radios

Ricochet, a division of Metricom, Inc. of Los Gatos, CA, has developed a wireless modem and Internet service for on-the-go professionals using lap-top computers. Continue reading

Connector Hood

Positronic Industries of Springfield, MO and RTP Company teamed-up to meet shielding requirements for a connector hood. Continue reading

Cell Phone Gasket

RTP Company has developed a new material which provides electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding and is pliable enough to serve as a gasket or seal. Continue reading

Tape Drive Covers

IBM Storage Systems Division in Tucson, AZ and RTP Company teamed-up to find a specialty compound ideal for front and back covers of the IBM Magstar Tape Drive operator/service display panel. Continue reading

Electronic Book Enclosure

An electronic book by IBM of Rochester, Minnesota which utilizes an RTP Company material, took top honors in Plastics Industry News magazine’s Computer & Business Equipment Category. Continue reading

Multimeter Shield

Molded conductive composites for EMI/RFI shielding are most difficult to qualify by pre-assembly testing. Continue reading

Gas Sniffer

An RTP Company stainless steel reinforced ABS compound snuffed out a competitive metal as the best material for a gas monitor application. Continue reading

Printer Base

“Our point-of-sale printers sit side-by-side with other electronic equipment,” explains Chris Webber, Supplier Engineer at Axiohm Transaction Solutions. Continue reading

Portable Telemetry Device

Apogee’s telemetry products are used for testing bit error rates and data links on satellite displays and rocket launches. Continue reading