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End-Use Case Study

Conveyor BushingsRolcon/Venix of Cincinnati, OH came to RTP Company for a conductive material to meet the demands of high-speed conveyor bushings.

RTP Company engineers developed an electrically conductive compound meeting all material demands including high strength and impact resistance. The conveyor system is ideal for use in mailrooms where the rapid sorting action of paper creates a high static environment.

The conveyor bushing acts as an interception point between the conveyor and electrical ground, draining the flow of a charged current. This eliminates the risk of potentially harmful effects from static accumulation. The application is most often used in the material handling industry serving the automotive, packaging and aircraft markets.

The glass-reinforced RTP 100 Series (polypropylene) compound achieves a notched izod impact of 4.0 ft. lbs./in. at 1/8 in., a flexural strength of 4,500 psi and a flexural modulus of 0.23 psi x 106. The electrically conductive material exhibits a maximum volume resistivity of 103 ohm-cm and maximum surface resistivity of 106 ohm/sq.

Howard Newton, Rolcon/Venix president, cites a few key factors that contributed to the project’s success. “The supply of readily available raw materials, combined with the precision of RTP Company engineers, is vitally important,” he says.

Rolcon/Venix has been manufacturing custom high-speed precision rollers for distributors, OEM’s, and large distribution centers since 1989.