Case Studies: Conductive/Anti-static Applications

Superior Conduct

After 20 years, a company finds a high quality, reliable source for conductive plastic Zefon International, a manufacturer of medical products and air sampling equipment used for monitoring indoor environments, takes great pride in the quality of its products. In … Continue reading

Getting Personal

PermaStat® Technology Utilized in Monitor to Prevent Black Lung Continue reading

Film Cartridge End Caps

Static buildup in the film processing industry is a constant problem. Dust particles attracted to film are one concern. Film jams and film-exposing sparks are others. Continue reading

Jailers Ankle Strap

Guardian Technologies of Cincinnati, Ohio, produces a home arrest unit that saves taxpayers county jail costs by keeping an electronic eye on nonviolent offenders serving their sentences in home confinement. Continue reading

Antistatic Alignment Tool

Shin Chin Industrial Company, Ltd., in Taiwan tapped the international expertise of RTP Company in designing a family of durable, anti-static alignment tools. Continue reading

Slot Machine Fascia Bar

Creating “the most entertaining products in the world” is no small feat. Yet, that is the mission of WMS Gaming as they manufacture and globally market casino gaming devices and systems. Continue reading

Golf Club Head

When GRC (General Ribbon Corporation) wanted to start making golf club heads, they knew they would need a specialty compound. Continue reading

Paintball Gun Frame

When paintball began in the U.S. in 1981, few expected its popularity to soar. Continue reading

Antistatic Storage Containers

Shippers rely on antistatic containers to provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection when transfering sensitive components from electronics parts to automotive airbag detonators and high explosives. Continue reading

ESD-Protected Tray

Safely transporting highly sensitive devices to prevent damage from ESD requires specialized carriers that not only address ESD, but also satisfy additional performance requirements specific to the end-use application. Continue reading

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