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  • Pump Excels with Wear Resistant PPS Compound

Disposable Scroll PumpAC Engineering has taken pump technology to a new level with the development of a sanitary disposable pump. Traditional metal pumps used in the food, dairy, chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical industries face contamination issues which create down-time for maintenance and high cleaning costs. AC solved these challenges with their scroll pump by incorporating high performance thermoplastics from RTP Company.

A scroll pump has a single cylindrical chamber with internal rotating parts to consistently move fluids. It offers several key advantages over other types of pumps. External lubricants are not required, it does not contain valves, and pressure spikes are eliminated. When AC developed their new sanitary scroll pump, the primary challenge was finding a material that simultaneously satisfied the difficult performance requirements while meeting the FDA-approved standards.

AC sought a compound with good wear resistance while maintaining low warpage and low creep at operating temperatures of 110 °C (230 °F). Imperative to the successful operation of the pump, the material must have low moisture absorption to minimize swelling. To meet these demanding requirements, RTP Company engineers specified a custom RTP 1300 Series polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) glass fiber reinforced compound with PTFE lubrication using FDA-compliant polymers and ingredients.

PPS compounds are excellent for applications, such as this one, when a balance of properties is necessary to meet crucial strength, temperature, and economical demands. It has a broad compatibility with chemicals and solvents, offering a better chemical resistance in pumps than stainless steel. Also important is the dimensional control and stability displayed, while the low coefficient of thermal expansion of the PPS keeps the fit/gap between pump parts consistent over a wide temperature range. The internal lubricants specified in this formula provide good plastic-on-plastic wear resistance necessary for this scroll pump application.

AC’s disposable pumps bring significant value to their customers. The pump heads can be replaced without using tools, eliminating cleaning and disinfection problems. “The pumps are high performers with a life span typical of permanent pumps,” said Cameli Adahan, President of AC Engineering. “Only as a result of the close cooperation between RTP Company engineers and AC designers was it possible to develop a product that meets all of our chemical, dimensional, and mechanical requirements.”

Based in Israel, AC Engineering is a manufacturer of a variety of pumps and is a world leader in the development and manufacture of disposable pump heads. For more information, call +972-50640-6000 or go to AC utilized the molding services of High Impact, also located in Israel: