Case Studies: Fluid Handling Applications

ATEX Compliant Pump

Traditionally, fluid handling pump designs favored metals, but many end-users demand non-metallic materials that better resist corrosion from harsh chemicals or reduced weight for portability. Continue reading

Float Switch

Maintaining a proper liquid level in water tanks and reservoirs is critical in most industrial settings. Overflows have the potential to cause damage, and if allowed to run dry, processes can be brought to a halt. Continue reading

Liquid Chemical Pump

The Sotera® Chemical Transfer System is used for transferring and metering agricultural pesticides and industrial fluids. Continue reading

Pipette Tips

Although most standard pipette tips do not require conductivity, the tips used in the liquid-handling drug testing systems not only require conductive properties, but superior physical properties as well as chemical resistance. Continue reading

Disposable Scroll Pump

AC Engineering has taken pump technology to a new level with the development of a sanitary disposable pump. AC solved these challenges with their scroll pump by incorporating high performance thermoplastics from RTP Company. Continue reading

Magnetic Drive Pump Housing

Specializing in non-metallic pumps for use with corrosive chemicals, acids, or solvents, March has built an impressive knowledge base in both plastic materials and injection molding. Continue reading

Chemical Pump

A chemical feed pump molded by Diemold Machine, Fort Myers, Florida, contains several internal components made of an RTP 100 Series polypropylene compound containing Fluoroguard®. Continue reading

Fluid Handling Pumps

The chemical resistance of an RTP Company’s glass fiber/polypropylene compound provides security against corrosion for parts used in fluid handling pumps. Continue reading

Fluid Pumps

As a material supplier, RTP Company is very involved in helping the engineer reach positive solutions to these concerns. Continue reading

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