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  • Flame Retardant Compound Helps Float Switch Achieve Certification
Float Switch

Mac3 Float Switch

Maintaining a proper liquid level in water tanks and reservoirs is critical in most industrial settings. Overflows have the potential to cause damage, and if allowed to run dry, processes can be brought to a halt. Float switches have become the most common method of monitoring fluid levels, and their reliability must be flawless to prevent failures.

MAC3 Water Systems of Firenze, Italy has addressed this problem with the introduction of their Mac3 electromechanical level regulator, or float switch, which is used by pump manufacturers worldwide. The float switch allows level-controlling and monitoring equipment, such as pumps, valves, or alarms, to automatically start and stop when a specified fluid level has been reached. This versatile regulator can be used to monitor either filling or emptying functions, depending on the accessory cables attached.

“The Mac3 regulator features a waterproof float equipped with an inner micro-switch connected to the cable,” explained Lorenzo Ronchi of MAC3 Systems. “The float’s orientation depends on the liquid level and determines the attitude of the micro-switch, which controls the pump operation. The pump is automatically switched on and off, providing both overflow and dry running protection.”

The regulator’s design, which includes a protective double-walled waterproof chamber, ensures maximum reliability of the mechanism. Engineers designed the shape of the float switch to be completely smooth, without edges, making it virtually impossible for solids to collect on its surface and disrupt performance. The device can be used in a variety of different environments, with its rounded shape making it particularly suitable for waste systems.

During part design, MAC3 Systems worked closely with RTP Company to select the optimum compound for the float’s casing. The casing required high impact values and UL approval. “RTP Company proposed a number of possible material solutions, ultimately recommending the polypropylene compound,” said Ronchi. “It’s UL94 recognized and has elevated RTI ratings, ensuring the best results for our product.”

An RTP 100 Series flame retardant polypropylene compound successfully fulfilled the float switch’s flame retardant requirement. The compound’s excellent impact resistance, along with its resistance to common chemicals, protects the float switch from damage and ensures consistent functionality.

“The most significant benefit of the Mac3 regulator is its high reliability,” said Ronchi. “This is due to the use of high quality materials and strict manufacturing procedures, which are verified with extensive testing. RTP Company’s excellent service and material recommendation also contributed to the regulator’s reliability, making it easy for our engineers to develop a successful product.”

MAC3 Water Systems, located in Firenze, Italy, is the world’s leading manufacturer of float switches. For over 25 years, the company has been developing an expanded line of products. For more information, please visit