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End-Use Case Study

Heart monitorA remote heart monitoring device manufactured by Marquette Electronics of Milwaukee, Wis., gives hospital patients freedom of movement while electronically linking them to Marquette’s Coherent Digital Telemetry patient monitoring system, which includes a central processor, a display screen, and up to eight transmitters.

The pocket-sized transmitter is attached by electrodes to the chest of an ambulatory heart patient. A radio frequency link relays information about the patient’s EKG to the monitoring system which processes the information and displays it on a CRT screen.

The transmitter’s three main components — a snap lock battery door, the main housing, and an end cap — are made from RTP’s ABS ESD-C-680. The conductive compound ensures accurate monitoring by protecting sensitive components from static buildup and discharge.

Because the transmitter case may be dropped and needs frequent cleaning, its manufacturers use the chip resistant precolored thermoplastic rather than painting the plastic before assembly.