RTP Color Product Offerings

At RTP Company we believe the color mode chosen should be a customer decision, which is why we deliver quality color products in whichever form you are most comfortable working with.

Masterbatches (Concentrates)

Masterbatches, which consist of concentrated pigments dispersed into a polymer carrier resin, are the most economical method of coloring plastics. Standard and custom colors are available:

    • Standard Engineering Resins
      Our most popular colors have been standardized for easy use and are available for 12 different engineering resin systems. These standard colors speed product development with quick sampling, and are available globally to simplify manufacturing in multiple or distant locations.
  • UniColor® Universal Masterbatches
    This exciting new product line has emerged from RTP Company as an innovative answer to coloring all polymers, especially engineering resins. UniColor® products are truly universal masterbatches with extremely low let down ratios, typically 1% or 2% depending on the polymer. UniColor® is a great solution for processors who want one color product for many applications made with various polymers.

Cube Blends (Salt & Pepper Mixes)

Ready to use color systems that feature a masterbatch dry blended with a natural polymer. Utilized by molders who lack metering equipment at the press.

Colored Specialty Compounds

Custom engineering compounds formulated to meet specific physical requirements. Color in specialty compounds can be for identification purposes, custom matched to a specific target, or provide a cosmetic quality appearance.

For more information on RTP Company’s Color products, call 800-433-4787 or 507-454-6900, visit www.rtpcolor.com, or talk to your local RTP Sales Engineer or Color Account Manager.

UniColor® and UniColour® are registered trademarks of RTP Company.